Akli Mohand Oulhadj Bouira University is appointed by executive decree 12-241 of 14 Rajab 1433 corresponding to 04 June 2012. It is a scientific, cultural and professional public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy.

Following the executive decree mentioned above, the university was restructured by the constitution of (06) six faculties and institutes presented respectively:

  1. Faculty of Science and Technology.
  2. Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences and Earth Sciences
  3. Faculty of Literatures and Languages.
  4. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.
  5. Faculty of Economics,business and management sciences.
  6. Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.
  7. Institute of sciences of Physical and Sporting activities and technics.

In addition, four sub-directorates at the university rectorate responsible for:

  1. The higher formation of the first and second cycles, continuing training and diplomas, and higher education graduation
  2. The postgraduate training, & nbsp;University accreditation, scientific research, the higher post-graduation training.
  3. The external relations, cooperation,animation,communication and scientific events/demonstrations events/demonstrations.

4 -Development, foresight and guidance

    • 001/2002 : Creation of an annex, of the Bougherra Mohammed University of Boumerdes, in Bouira, including the legal and administrative sciences.
    • 2002/2003 : Opening of the specialty  : literature and Arabic language
    • 2005/2006 : The Annex evolved into an academic centre with the creation of new specialties in economics, business and management sciences, as well as legal and political sciences.
    • 2006/2007 : Opening of specializations in human and social sciences.
    • 2007/2008 : Introduction of the fields of economics, business and management   sciences.
    • 2008/2009 : .

Addition of Science and Technology domain.

  • 1010/2011 : Opening of a special section on Letters and Languages, and creation of the Department of Physical and Sporting Techniques and Activities.
  • 2011/2012 : Establishment of a Faculty of Nature, Life and Earth Sciences
  • 06/04/2012 :The University Centre is designated as a University.

The functions of the university as indicated in executive decree no. 03-279 of 24 June 1424, corresponding to 23 August 2003, amended and supplemented by decree no. 06-343 on executive date of 04 September 1427 corresponding to September 27, 2006, which specifies the tasks of the University, the rules of its organization and its functioning as follows:

  • Responsible for higher education, scientific research and technological development.
  • Its fundamental functions in higher education, in particular, are as follows:
    1. To train the necessary frameworks for the economic, social and cultural development of the country.
    2. To teach students about research methods and the development of training through research and for research.
    3. Contribute to the production and dissemination of sciences and generalized knowledge. Collect and develop them.
    4. Participate in continuing education

The fundamental functions of the University in the field of scientific research and technological development are as follows:

  1. Contribute to the national effort for scientific research and technological development.
  2. Contribute to the promotion and dissemination of national culture.
  3. Participate and suppor national scientific capacity.
  4. Exploit research results and disseminate scientific and technical information.
  5. Activate within international scientific and cultural communities for the exchange of knowledge and its enrichment.

University officials consider it to be:

  • A modern University invests in sustainable economic development, and contribut in the deployed efforts for the development of social-economic of the region
  • A model University that allows all members of its community to build their capacities within an institutional dynamic.

The young university is able to evolve gradually, in order to be typical it must take into account the following:

  • Opening of the university to economic and social fields.
  • Need to adapt university activities to national economic qualitative needs and local development.
  • Adopt a national environmental policy that allows for the conservation of natural resources in the context of the sustainable development process.
  • Develop human resources by accommodating conditions favourable to teacher researchers.
  • DéDevelop international cooperation through training programmes for research teachers in various fields of specialization.


Rector of the University


Vice-rector responsible for higher education in the first and second cycle,continuing training and diplomas, and higher education graduation.


Dr AMMAD Mourad

Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Applied Sciences


Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences



Director of the Institute of Sciences and thechnics of Physical and Sporting activities.


Secretary General





Vice-rector charged of External Relations, Cooperation, Facilitation, Communication and Scientific Events


Faculté des Sciences de la Nature et de la Vie et Sciences de la Terre




Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Languages

Pr ABDELBAKI Noureddine

president of the Institute of Technology

Dr DJAIJA Abdelhamid

Vice-rector in charge of Postgraduate Higher Education, University Accreditation, Scientific Research and Postgraduate Training

Pr ALIZIANE Mohand Ouamer

Vice-president in charge of Development, Foresight and Orientation

Dr ALLAM Othmane

Dean of the Faculty of Economics,business and management sciences

Dr AREZKI Abdennour

Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Mr AMMAR Hamid

Director of the Central Library

nder the authority of the rector, the G.S is responsible for the administrative management of the university and for ensuring compliance with administrative rules.

Effectively  :

  • He ensures the management of the careers of the personnel in respect of the assignments of the facuties
  • He prepares the university’s draft budget and monitors its implementation.
  • He monitors the funding of research laboratory activities.
  • He Ensures the smooth functioning of the university’s common services  :
  • The Intensive Language Learning Centre(C.E.I.L).
  • The printing and audio-visual center.
  • The centre for information and communication systems and networks, distance learning and .
  • the hall of technology
  • He implements and promotes the university’s programs of cultural and sporting activities.
  • He monitors and coordinates internal safety plans.
  • He ensures the management and preservation of the archives and documentation of the Rectorat.
  • He assure le fonctionnement et la gestion du bureau d’ordre de l’université.

The General Secretariat also includes:  :

  1. The Personnel and Training Sub-Directorate.
  2. The Budget and Accounting Department sub-direcctorate.
  3. The means and maintenance sub-directorate.
  4. The sub-directorate of scientific, cultural and sporting activities.
  5. Common Services of the University

She is responsible for :

  • Manages the careers of staff reporting of the Rectorate and Common Services and those appointed by the President of the University.
  • Develop and implement training, development and retraining plans for administrative, technical and service personnel.
  • Ensure the management of university staff and their harmonious distribution among faculties.
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of management plans of human resources of the university.

the sub-directorate of the personneland training includs:

  • The teaching staff service.
  • The service of administrative, technical, and service personnel.
  • The training and development department.

She is responsible for :

  • Prepare the university budget on the basis of proposals from the deans of faculties.
  • Monitor the execution of the university budget.
  • Prepare the delegations of appropriations to the deans of faculties and ensure the control of their performances.
  • Monitor the funding research activities provided by research laboratories
  • Maintain the facility’s accounting.

The Budget and Accounting Branch includes the following services:s

  • The budget and accounting department.
  • The research funding service.
  • The management control and contracting service.

She is responsible for :

  • Ensure the provision of operating resources for the Rectorate’s structures and common services.
  • Maintain and maintain the Rectorate’s property, furniture and buildings and common services.
  • Maintain inventory records.
  • maintain university archives.
  • Responsible for the management of the Rectorate’s fleet.

The Directorate for Means and Maintenance comprises the following services. :

  • The Inventory Records Service
  • L the hygiene and maintenance department.
  • archive service.

She is responsible for: Promoting and developing scientific and cultural activities within the university. Implement recreational activities. Support sports activities in university sport. Conduct social action activities for the benefit of university staff. The Scientific, Cultural and Sporting Activities Sub-Directorate includes the following services: The Scientific and Cultural Activities Department. The service of sports and leisure activities.

The Intensive Language Teaching Centre is responsible for:

  • to provide technical support for language learning, improvement and retraining courses organised by faculties and institutes,
  • ensure the operation and maintenance of specialised language teaching equipment,

It contains the following sections:

  • programming section,
  • Maintenance and Maintenance Section.

The Centre for Information and Communication, Distance Learning and Distance Learning Systems and Networks is responsible for:

  • Operation, administration and management of network infrastructures
  • The exploitation and development of computer applications for pedagogy management,
  • Monitoring and implementation of tele-education and distance learning projects,
  • Provide technical support for the design and production of online courses,
  • Training and coaching of those involved in distance education.

It consists of the following sections:

  • systems Section
  • Networks Section
  • Teleteaching and Distance Learning Section

The Print and Audio-Visual Centre is responsible for: : 

  • print any university information,
  • print teaching materials and scientific publications,
  • provide technical support for the recording of educational and teaching materials in any audio-visual medium.

it contains the following sections:

  • Printing Section
  • Audio-visual section

The Technology Hall is responsible for:

  • Provide technical support to faculties and/or institutes in the organisation and conduct of tutorials and practical work in the technological sciences,
  • The management and maintenance of the equipment necessary for carrying out practical and directed work





Inscribed in magister







Enrolled in Phd Science






Post Graduation

Inscrits en Doctorat LMD


Reading Room

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VR chargé de la formation supérieure de post-graduation, de l’habilitation universitaire et de la recherche scientifique

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Conseil d’Orientation

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VR chargé de la formation supérieure de graduation, de la formation continue et des diplômes

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VR chargé du développement, la prospective et l’orientation 

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VR chargé des relations extérieures, la coopération, l’animation et la communication et les manifestations scientifiques

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Institute of Technology

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Lettres et Langues

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Economics, Business and Management Sciences

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Law and Political Sciences

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Humain and Social Sciences

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Nature and Life Sciences and Earth Sciences

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Sciences and Applied Sciences

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