The Business Cafe (work meeting) at the Business Incubator of the university has just started, bringing together students with innovative projects and small business enterprises on one hand, and business people, investors, and owners of economic institutions from both the public and private sectors on the other.  This comes within the university’s openness to the economic and social environment in order to break down barriers between the two sides. It is worth mentioning that this meeting follows several previous meetings, in compliance with the ministry’s instructions in circular number 1029.


This morning, under the chairmanship of Professor GUECHI Lkhaier, the director of Setif 2 University, the university’s Board of Directors met in the main conference hall, in the presence of the President of Bouira University, Professor Amar HAIAHEM, and all members to discuss the following agenda items:

1- Budget of 2024.

2- Opening the Office of Consultation, Research, and Development.

As part of the training for university students and graduates with entrepreneurial projects aimed at small enterprises (Decision 1275) for a duration of 15 days, the university director oversaw the official launch of this training course organized by the university in the lecture hall of the STAPS Institute through the Entrepreneurship Development Center (CDE) in coordination with the National Agency for Entrepreneurship Development Support (ANADE). Representatives of the national agency, executives, professors, and a group of students having projects attended this event.

The official opening of the Handball Regional Championship for both male and female teams at the University of Bouira in 2024 took place this morning, February 08th, 2024. The event was attended by the local authorities, including the Prefect of Bouira, the President of the People’s Provincial Council, military authorities, university officials led by the President of the Bouira University, Professor Amar HAYAHEM, deputy directors of the university, the director of the Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, the university’s general secretary, and the director of university services.

The tournament, hosted by the University of Bouira and the University Services Directorate, involves the participation of four universities (Alger, Bouira, Tizi Ouzou, and Boumerdes). The opening ceremony began with the national anthem followed by a speech by the university president declaring the official opening. The first handball match then started in Rabah Bitat Sports Hall.

As a link between students and graduates of higher education institutions and the field of entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship Development Center of the University of Bouira organized a two-day training course (06-08 February 2024) in the presence of a representative from the local agency for entrepreneurship support and development. The aim was to train a team of four professors. The course was inaugurated by the university’s deputy directors for academic affairs and external relations, as well as the university’s secretary-general, to give it an official character in accordance with the ministry’s instructions.

The open day activities for national service, organized by the National Service Directorate in coordination with the University of Bouira, have just started in the main lecture hall. Students will find answers to all their questions about national service.

Open invitation.

On Wednesday, October 25 th , 2023, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a training course on the theme “Store Management and Inventory” for the benefit of the university community. This falls within the scope of the convention signed between the two organizations, and it was concerned with the programming of the training courses to upgrade and renew the information.
The training course is presented by Mr. Rabah Guenoun.

The Laboratory engineer and laboratory assistant benefited from a five-day training course entitled “University Laboratory Management”, starting from October 15 th to October 19 th , 2023.
This training course is an implementation of the convention signed on June 12 th , 2020 between the University of Bouira and The Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of Tikjda. This convention includes different training courses provided by the chamber for the benefit of the university community.
It is worth mentioning that this training course was preceded by numerous training courses, which tackled different issues. Employees benefited from these trainings to enhance and enrich their knowledge, and boost their productivity.