Vice-Rectorate of Postgraduate Higher Education, University Habilitation, Scientific Research and Postgraduate Higher Education
The vice rectorate of post-graduate higher education, university habilitation, scientific research and post graduate higher education is composed of the following services:
Postgraduate and specialized postgraduate service: 
This service takes over the following operations:
-The monitoring of training offers files (habilitation and continuation) in magister and doctorate before and after the expertise.
-The monitoring of entrance contests of postgraduate training
-The registration and re-registration of students (a centralized operation at vice rectorate)
-The delivery of diplomas (magister, classical doctorate and LMD doctorate)
-The authentication of diplomas and university certificates.
-The establishment of the different balance sheets.
-The establishment of the various statistic canvas requested by the different authorities.
The University Accreditation Service
This service ensures:
-The registration at the university habilitation
– The follow-up of the university habilitation files.
– The management of the defense files and the delivery of the university habilitation diplomas.
The service of the follow-up of research activities and the valorization of its results 
This service is responsible for:
– The monitoring of research activities of the research units and laboratories and valorizing their results
– The management of research projects CNEPRU and PNP and their results valorization.
– The establishment of research’s attestations and permissions
– The study of promotion folders at research degrees
– The monitoring of the three-year balance sheets and budgets of research units and laboratories
– The collection and the broadcast of information on research activities conducted by the university.